Cosmic Phoenix Podcast

My favorite episodes are listed below.

Episode ONE

In this episode of the “Cosmic Phoenix” show. I have a conversation with an old friend as we go on a mission via my car from TPA (airport) to MCO (airport) to recover his missing checked bag which contained an important mystery item. The 43 minute mark is the transition point where we drive back to TPA from MCO. Topics Include: #Guns #Addiction #Overdose #Life #Aliens #UFOs #TR3B #Cannabis #CCA #Ammo #Hunting #Helicopters #Cigars

Episode SEVEN

Come enjoy a mission to find one mans trash and flip it into treasure. My new homeless friend Jay and I go digging through dumpsters to find trash that cash be sold for cash. This is a short episode and I hope you enjoy.


Today I have a guest who is finishing his doctorate in drug policy at the University of Florida. We talk about drugs, policy, policing, DMT and the holographic universe. I found it very interesting to talk to my friend about potential solutions to government policy.


Part 1: 5G Technology and Potential DangersPart 2: 5G Danger and Technology Secrets


Today I have a guest co-host who is a film maker and a pervious coworker and we talk about Dreams, Movies, Money, and the Matrix. I hope you enjoy!  Jo Black: and And on Anchor Here:


Enjoy A Fireside Chat with My Co-Worker Where We Talk About – Truth, 911, QAnon, Trump, MSM, Capitalism, Reparations, Spirituality, and More!

Quick Ideas

Porchville Podcast Ep. 44 Porch Night

Long time Porchvillian Shane Carlton joins us for the first time with Carl Oliver from Twisted Dragon Forge and Conspiracy Theorist David Borah for Porch Night. We hope you have as much fun listening as we did creating it!!

Ep. 44 Click Here

Porchville Podcast Ep. 25 feat. David Borah

Nick and Matt sit down with fellow podcaster, Cosmic Phoenix’s David Borah. We discuss a few conspiracies and where he has been for the past few weeks. We also drink a lot of whiskey in the process. Check the skies for black choppers and enjoy!

Ep: 25 Click Here

Porchville Podcast Ep. 29: An Evening with David Borah Pt. 2

And then there was one. Nick finds himself alone for the first time in Porchville and calls Matt to find out why. After some soulful introspection Nick gets our conspiracy expert and fellow podcaster Cosmic Phoenix’s own David Borah on the phone to get his take on all things 5G and Corona. Listen all the way through for a special treat. Stay safe Porchville!

Ep: 29 Click Here

Porchville Podcast Ep. 38: The Whiskey Challenge II

The Whiskey Challenge returns to Porchville! Reed and David join us as we ring in Matt’s birthday with a fan favorite. New RIff Whiskey, Michter’s Small Batch, Bird Dog Chocolate Whiskey, Fistful of Bourbon, and Larceny are the contenders. Which one is gonna walk away with the title? And will we also see another Better Half Edition? Stay tuned Porchville!

Ep: 38 Click Here